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Let’s start with a glimpse of what makes at Bournemouth’s leading companies.

If you want to work in the digital, creative or tech sectors, where do you look outside of London?

Bournemouth is perhaps the UK’s biggest and best-kept secret… The region is buzzing, with thousands of companies delivering world-class work, from top-brand creative to cutting-edge tech. You’ll find our leading agencies delivering award-winning work – for anyone from Silicon Valley startups to global brands like Porsche – filming Mary Berry one minute, and organising exhibitions for international Mega-Cranes the next. What’s more – surrounded by the beautiful countryside and sea – life beyond work is better than anywhere! offers you a glimpse of what life and work are like in one of the best* locations in the UK.  *we might be a little biased…

Catch up on the Three Creative Cities podcast.

Catch up on the open studios tour. leaders

Find out more about the eight digital, creative and tech agencies leading the way in the campaign. Scroll down to see a showcase of the outstanding work they're delivering.


We help clients improve results by integrating marketing and technology. Supporting business objectives by offering full-service digital solutions...

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April Six

We’re a particular kind of agency. Not just a B2B agency. Something totally different. Totally specialist. An A to B agency. We specialise in mobility...

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Cold Banana

We’re Cold Banana. The Award-Winning .NET, Umbraco, Kentico and Sitecore experts that specialise in agency partnerships and collaborations...

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CHS Agency

We’re CHS, a full-service creative agency. Our talented team work with the nation’s most-loved brands on campaigns of all shapes and sizes...

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Talk Think Do

We build and run innovative line of business applications for businesses with unique requirements. You can trust us to enable your business to grow, faster...

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EPM Agency

We’re EPM: the future agency helping some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands to deliver results that have changed the game...

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Beep Digital

Combining creativity and the latest tech, we help brands achieve growth. And lots of it by cutting through the noise to deliver effective and beautiful creative...

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Make Studio

Make Studio provides a wide variety of services that enable clients to connect and build reputation through memorable products and services...

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Who else is here?

There’s a thriving hub of agencies producing high-end work for some of the biggest names in business right here on the South Coast.

Take a tour around the map and get a glimpse of some of the thousands of companies working across the whole breadth of this sector.

You can find lots more detail about all the services these companies offer in the Silicon South Network

Check out some of the outstanding work coming from the region…

Catch-up on…

The Podcast

A podcast highlighting the balance found in Bournemouth, Brighton and Bristol.


The Go Live

Agencies threw open their doors to show you why both work and life are better in Bournemouth.

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The Blog

As London dazzle dims, more people are looking to relocate. But are clients deserting London too?

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We want to help you discover all the region has to offer so below are some useful links to help you plan your next visit or better still, your relocation!

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