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Mentoring offers a unique chance to talk with somebody who can help you navigate the challenges you face running a business. Invariably, your mentor will be an experienced professional who has already worked through the challenges you face.

That said, they are not there to tell you what to do, that’s still up to you. But they can use the benefit of their own experiences to make sure you’ve thought about the big issues you’re facing. The mentoring programme last for 6 months.

How it works

It kicks off with a 2.5-hour preparation session together with the other mentees on the programme. This will make sure you’re set up and ready to get maximum value from your mentor sessions. You’ll also get to meet other people going through the same journey as you. Talking to each other can be just as invaluable.

Then you’ll meet your mentor – with an initial conversation over coffee. Things start off with a general chat, to find out about each other and make sure you get on. Having a good relationship is vital for effective mentoring, so if you don’t think you’re a good fit, either of you can walk away then, no hard feelings, and we’ll offer you someone else. Otherwise, you arrange 6 one-to-one meetings over the next 6 months to suit you both.

After 3 months we’ll hold another 2-hour session for the whole cohort. We’ll make sure everything is going well – look at some of the advice you’ve had, see how it’s helping the business and share the top ideas amongst the group – so you get even more input.

Then you dive back into the final 3 sessions, over the next 3 months, with your mentor.

We’ll hold a final workshop for the whole cohort to review the best ways to adopt the advice into your ongoing business plans. Again, it’s a great chance to talk to the rest of the group and learn from each other’s experiences. We’ll wrap up with some drinks, where we’ll be joined by some of the mentors, so you’ll get to meet some of the other experts as well.