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Silicon South

SiSo helps people and companies, working in the creative digital industries, to expand knowledge, build confidence and develop their potential.

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The Network is all about building a community that shares news, ideas and knowledge. Please add your own stories, articles or videos – so everyone can see what’s going on locally. All of your posts will be picked up and promoted through our social media channels and the news will be included in our regular e-news email.

All the articles can be added for free by ‘Supporters‘, so – yes – there is a fee to join, but just to be clear that money is directly invested to support the campaign to promote the region more widely and make sure more people get to hear about you and your news**.

Please login or register – and you can upload through your dashboard.

We’d like to share your:

  • Latest news
  • Opinion pieces
  • Blogs
  • Recent successes
  • or something else

But we do need to make sure it’s relevant for everyone, so every story will have to be signed off by the editing team before it goes live. So, there’s a chance that some stories might not be published, but we’ve set out some guidelines below. If you’re in any doubt, why not get in touch to talk it through first.

Please have a read through these guidelines to make your article is as relevant and compelling for the Network as possible.

1. This is not a marketing site, please don’t use the news section as a sales channel

2. We love to hear about:

  • Things you have achieved
  • Things you are hoping to achieve
  • Innovations you are involved with
  • Case Studies
  • Big wins
  • Important job placements

3. There’s a thin line between news and blowing your own trumpet – and no one likes a show-off!

4. Please focus on the impact of the story and remember the 5 Ws

  • Who is it about?
  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • When did it take place?
  • Where did it take place?

5. Don’t forget to include the 6th question: How did it happen?

6. And the 7th point is What’s the impact of the action?

  • We’re really interested in the impact of what you are doing or have done. We’d like to be able to share your insights about how you approached achieving particular outcomes, which might provide inspiration for others

7. There’s loads more to this simple approach – here are a few more thoughts from the New Yorker

8. Once you’ve written an article please add a picture as well

9. Submit the article to the editor and we will review the piece. We might need to make some edits or come back with some requests for you to make changes, but if we’re able to publish it, we’ll make sure you’re happy before we go live.

Thanks – look forward to hearing from you.

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** The Silicon South Network is not for profit