About Us

Silicon South is a not-for-profit organisation created by the companies it champions. The network exists to raise the recognition, ambition and capabilities of the people and companies in the digital, creative and tech industries of Dorset, helping them to achieve their best and thrive.

It’s an exciting time for our industries in BCP. As one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the UK, it’s the aim of Silicon South to maintain this trajectory.

Achieving this relies on skilled, motivated people who love what they do and want to keep doing better – growing themselves and/or their business.  Luckily, we have those in spades. The Silicon South Network is here to bring them together, and help them navigate their way to collective success. 

We are focused on:

  • Improving the pathways for talent 
  • Facilitating greater interaction within the network 
  • Promoting the region 
  • Boosting engagement with prospective clients 

How does the team behind Silicon South achieve this for the network? We do it in all sorts of ways…

  • We run several programmes ourselves, focusing on bringing people together so they can learn from and help each other. We run mentoring programmes and provide access to experts with knowledge spanning all areas of work and business.
  • We have structured programmes, which are individually tailored towards sole traders; startups; scale-ups; more established companies; as well as sector leaders. Our latest focus is on developing a programme of support for people who are working in the companies, not running them, and freelancers -to help them develop confidence knowledge and move up the ladder.
  • The programmes are supported by the willingness of people who have built up a strong level of expertise and are keen to help our local industry thrive. There’s lots of peer-to-peer support too.

You can learn all about the different programmes Silicon South runs, our partnerships, collaborations, the network and our events right here on the website – so grab a cuppa and take a look around. 

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