Data Protection

Data Protection
In order to protect confidential client and partner information, Silicon South adheres to the following working principles:

• access to the files for selected clients are restricted to the relevant Silicon South staff members

• hard drives on laptops which are taken off our premises are being encrypted which ensures information is inaccessible to others should the laptop be lost or stolen

• in our and our clients’ interests, auditing software is installed on all our servers that tracks which documents have been sent, forwarded, printed, copied, deleted, or downloaded to memory sticks, laptops, and PC’s (from any Silicon South machine). In addition, Mimecast monitors our email traffic

• all hard copies of above client and confidential documents are kept securely under lock and key.

Silicon South has been registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and adheres to the following principles:

1. All relevant members of Silicon South have received training in how to handle personal information.

This includes ensuring they are aware of the importance of handling personal data safely and securely, and understanding the Silicon South procedures in place to ensure this happens.

2. When collecting personal information, Silicon South ensures individuals are aware of how that personal information will be used in the future.

Silicon South will not use that data for any undisclosed purposes in the future without contacting individuals to request their permission.

3. Silicon South have a process in place to respond to requests for the personal information held.

In the event of a request for personal information the board or delivery team will decide if the request is relevant to their members. If the request is considered relevant, members will be forwarded details of the request individually to provide their own details to the third party.

4. Silicon South keeps records of people’s personal information up to date and don’t keep it longer than necessary.

Once every year Silicon South will evaluate our database and securely delete any contacts no longer engaged with Silicon South. If individuals choose to opt out we will securely delete their data immediately.

5. We have measures in place to keep the personal data we hold safe and secure.

All personal information is stored in a secure cloud drive (Drop Box) to which access is only granted to current Silicon South delivery team members. Where data is downloaded to be updated, and as a backup to the cloud, it is only stored on personal drives, only accessible via individual log on.

6. Silicon South will never wilfully disclose any personal information about our members to any third party without first receiving the members’ permission.

Wherever possible this permission will be obtained by forwarding information to our members and encouraging them to make the decision to contact the third party directly with their details.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this policy.

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