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The Silicon South Network

Helping the people and companies in the Digital, Creative and Tech (DCT) sector to be their best – and thrive.

The Network brings people together to:

Grow – Learn, plan and prosper from the knowledge of experts and your peers

Nurture – Improve the ability of the workforce to do their jobs better

Connect – Find complementary skills within the network to work alongside you

Outreach – Connect with emerging talent from Universities and Colleges

New business – Meet prospects from other sectors


What does this mean in reality?

If you want to know what the network is doing, week by week, see our upcoming activities and events list. Otherwise, read on for the big picture!

Become a supporter

As part of our Mission ’21 vision we’re doing all we can to help the Digital, Creative and Tech sector stay strong and thrive through uncertain times. Since April 2020 this is just some of what we’ve done to help that goal:

  • Secured £450k of European funding to dedicate to business support
  • Awarded development grants (from £1000 to £5000) to individual companies
  • Helped small groups of business leaders navigate their way through Covid via dozens of facilitated, discussion sessions
  • Provided free, in-depth, one-to-one advice with business experts
  • Shared a stream of ideas about how to adapt to challenging times with a Webinar series
  • Launched a new accelerator program to help those looking to set up a new business venture
  • Opened up the regional Cluster map and database for the world to see who we are

Whatever the rest of the year throws our way, we’ll continue to deliver more of this. But we can’t do it alone. We need you to be part of the Network, to sign up your support and put yourself on the map too. In return, you have access to all of this support as well as enjoy lots of great benefits for your business.

To help make it easier to sign up, we’ve switched the annual fee to a monthly fee, so you can test things out easily and cheaply – and can cancel your subscription at any time.

Great news!
Signing up to the Network gives you a month’s free trial, so you can see if membership of Silicon South is right for you.*

TurnoverMonthly Price
Please choose your last annual turnover figure and select the corresponding option which matches.A rolling monthly subscription is the easiest and best way to join the Network.
<£75kFree 1 month trial (usually £7.50 p/m +VAT)*
<£150kFree 1 month trial (usually £14 p/m +VAT)*
<£250kFree 1 month trial (usually £24 p/m +VAT)*
<£500kFree 1 month trial (usually £36 p/m +VAT)*
<£1mFree 1 month trial (usually £49 p/m +VAT)*
<£2.5mFree 1 month trial (usually £64 p/m +VAT)*
<£5mFree 1 month trial (usually £74 p/m +VAT)*
>£5m+Free 1 month trial (usually £89 p/m +VAT)*
*In response to the Covid economic crisis, Silicon South is providing a month’s free trial before we start charging for membership.

Our mission is to support a healthy sector – and hosting a vibrant community is a critical part of this, for all the reason explained above. We want you to have the chance to experience how the Network can help you and your business.

Please don’t worry – we’ll contact you by email before your charges begin, so you don’t need to stay in – and won’t need to pay anything – if you decide being part of the Network isn’t right for you.