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Why Join the Silicon South Network, what does it provide?

For Everyone

Uni and College Connections: We have an ongoing programme to strengthen ties with the local Unis and Colleges, to raise the profile of the local industry to their students and introduce the career opportunities offered by the sector.

Lobbying: The Silicon South team is constantly working with local public bodies to ensue the sector remains prominent in economic development plans and gains funding when it is available.

Extra Programmes: When funding become available Silicon South will deliver extra programmes to offer direct support or grants to businesses.

Fortnightly E-news: our regular newsletter makes sure anyone can stay up to date with opportunities and insights into regional activities and developments.

Business Members

Talent Exchange: Be discoverable to new talent looking to work in the industry. Post opportunities for: Placements; Apprentices; Work experience and jobs.

Director Groups: Regular Director-level meetups & peer groups - expert-led conversations, and dinners.

Industry Directory: Make sure you’re on the map as that’s where all of the interest we generate for the sector points towards.

News and Events: Get exposure for events you’re hosting, post your news to highlight recent activities or successes, and share insights on cutting-edge developments in the Innovation centre.

Perks: Access a range of free and discounted opportunities to gain support from a range of professional services.

Mentoring: A new mentoring scheme is coming in Autumn 2022 where more experienced leaders are able to offer support to founders at an earlier stage.

Supporters / Freelancers

Promoting the Sector: Our 2022 ‘Big Campaign’ will raise the profile of the ‘greater’ Bournemouth cluster across the UK – to attract new staff and new business interest.

Freelance Database: Find local freelancers to supplement your work force – and be discoverable as a freelancer.

Sector Networking: The ‘Speak Easy’ events are social get-togethers for anyone and everyone working in the industry.

Silicon South logo: Add the logo to your website as we build a badge to celebrate the abilities and credentials of the sector.


What happens if my turnover changes?

You can update your turnover via your profile at any time.

Where does my membership money go?

Silicon South is a not-for-profit with a small team. Your membership goes towards all the programmes and activities we run, maintaining the talent exchange and directory and promoting the region.

Where do I need to be based to join?

Silicon South is primarily focused on supporting businesses in the BCP and wider Dorset Region.

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