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Silicon South runs a variety of programmes to support the digital, creative and tech industries in Dorset. From accelerator programmes for start-ups to growth grants for large SMEs – we provide support for all levels of business in the area, boosting the economy and creating exciting career prospects for our young people. Learn more about our full range of programmes below or visit the navigation above to see which programmes are currently live.

Open Accelerator

If you’re going to succeed in business, there are hundreds of options every leader has to consider. Every business has its own unique set of circumstances, so how do you know what’s right for you?

The Open Accelerator programme is designed for leaders running startups or early-stage companies, which are looking to explore the vital aspects of planning, building and launching a product or service.

The workshops help you plan the best strategy for your business, integrating all of those questions you’ve got to answer in order to successfully build awareness, attract new customers, deliver and grow.

Career Development

For many people working in the Digital Creative and Tech (DCT) sector it’s really hard to get the advice or help needed. People want to talk to other people doing similar jobs because they understand the challenges and fixes in a way no one else can.

The Career Development programme brings between 5 to 7 people together for a 1.5hr discussion about their work, hosted by an independent facilitator who has relevant skills and knowledge. Each group meets once a month for six months.

The principal focus is for the group members to discuss their challenges so they can offer support to each other and share ideas on how to improve their work processes.

Route to Universities

We still think we have a role to play in shaping the future of the next generation. Silicon South has set up close working relationships with the local Unis, enabling us to provide a direct and approved route for businesses to connect with students.

We have a dedicated Talent Exchange section on the website which can help guide students toward finding opportunities in the region.

We also know several businesses that are keen to find placements. So, as part of their directory membership, interested business can feature a notice on their profiles, signalling to any interested parties that they are open to the idea of working with students.

Meet the Buyer

Silicon South is working with other cluster groups in the region to push the creative/digital/tech agenda and the potential it has to help other sectors to innovate.

We know that the emergence of new technology is making a major impact on how other sectors develop. That's why we've devised an innovation workshop which brings companies/speakers with expertise in these new areas together with those who want to understand the opportunities they can grasp and ultimately improve their business.

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