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Kiss normal goodbye and adapt for tomorrow
1 May 2020
SiSo Grants Programme 2020
20 Apr 2020

Silicon South network gets 100% discount 

1 Jun 2020 | Uncategorized

It’s not news that trading conditions since March have been chaotic. As we reach that twomonth lockdown point, however, things have begun to settle. Companies are gaining a better understanding of the likely impact and getting more of a handle on things – although nothing is certain of course. 

The consensus seems to be that there’s little chance of normality coming back before early 2021 at the earliestWhat has been clear to Silicon South is that paying towards a Sector Network is unlikely to be top of anyone’s agenda right now and to be honest nor should it be. People need to look after themselves, their businesses and their staff. 

The good news from our point of view is that after 9 months of negotiation we have finally secured new funding from ERDFIt’s not as much as before and it won’t last for ever but it buys us time to do something, which we hope can make a difference. Our hope is that, in 12 months’ time, the world will have more certainty in place. 

So, we’ve created Mission 21. It’s our pledge and ambition to do all we can to make sure Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset’s Digital, Creative & Tech (DCT) Sector is still very much on top in April 2021. 

We want to ensure that we are a success story – a story of survival. However, that survival has to be built on businesses in the sector absorbing the shocks, adjusting, developing new strategies, planning, innovating and being bold – not reckless – but still bold. 

We will be investing this European funding into helping make that happen. First off we will be providing a 100% discount to join the Silicon south Network. this will remain in place at least until October – when we’ll review the situation again.  

We’d like to invite you to sign up to join the Network if you haven’t already. We’d love you to try it and see if it helps you at all. By the time we have to reintroduce any charges, you’ll have a strong idea if you’d like to stay part of it or not. 

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be doing during over the coming months 

The Plan 

An Extensive Network  

The Silicon South Network is now totally free for every Dorset DCT company to join, until October 2020 at least. With 100s of companies registered this provides: 

  • Map and database  discover the DCT companies in the region 
  • Add articles, videos, stories events to website  
  • Search for specialists and project partners
  • Monthly meetups  a chance for all staff to network amongst the sector (on Zoom) 

Direct Support for Business and Leaders 

To help you adjust, plan, innovate and be ready: 

  • Grants £1000 – £5000 match-funded business growth grants 
  • Access to Specialists and mentors – to help you address challenges and opportunities 
  • Director Discussions  intimate regular meetups for closely-matched peers 
  • Topic-relevant Workshops – to interrogate core themes of your business strategy
  • Shared Research – summaries of industry trends, and in-depth insight reports 
  • Meet the buyer – Sit down with decision makers from prospective clients 

Skills, Talent & Lobbying 

Keep up the confidence, skills and abilities of your staff. And let’s not forget preparing the next generation for their first jobs. 

  • Skills Development Groups  facilitated, discussion groups – to learn from your peers 
  • Nurturing new talent – Silicon South – A central channel to Universities Colleges 
  • Pathway for Placement, Apprentice and employment 
  • Lobbying & pitching for funding 

Stronger together 

Sitting in the middle, Silicon South sees amazing talent all around. We’re happy to provide support as usual, but right now theres a unique opportunity for the sector to come togethersupport each otherand ride out the stormy economic climate – to emerge stronger, fitter and ready to take on the world – whatever it looks like! 

Be part of it, sign up now.  


You can also watch the full webinar here

Silicon South Mission ’21 Webinar from Silicon South on Vimeo.