How Bournemouth becomes the go-to region for digital creative

How Bournemouth becomes the go-to region for digital creative

This week Silicon South launched the PR campaign.

You’ll see a steady flow of teasers building up to the big push in early February. The goal is to promote Bournemouth’s digital, creative and tech cluster. We want to get more people who are currently working outside the region, especially in London, to realise what a fantastic and thriving network we have in and around the greater Bournemouth area.

We’re looking to capitalise on two major benefits from this.

First off, we know it’s a struggle to find people with mid-weight experience to fill new vacancies. If more people know there’s a thriving industry in Bournemouth – with lots of opportunities from many different companies – it becomes a really persuasive destination for anyone looking to relocate; especially those people who’ve reached that time to move on from the whole London-thing.

And then there are the potential clients. Every year, millions of people frantically search for the right company to deliver exactly what they need. No matter how big or small the contract, if they don’t know there are thousands of companies in BCP, they won’t even start looking here.

Of course, every company does its own individual marketing but, in both of these cases, an industry-wide approach presents an extra dimension – highlighting the broader community around each individual opportunity. Any (sensible) person will worry about working with a new and unknown entity but, if they can see a company is surrounded by a booming industry, it’s a strong sign that they know what they’re doing, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many companies! It also adds security that if (heaven forbid) the first job doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other options!

That’s where a Network approach creates extra value.

If I asked you to name the top regions for digital and creative outside London, most people would include Manchester, Brighton & Bristol.

Is it any surprise these areas also have the strongest industry Networks in the country?

Sure, you could argue about the cause and effect for this, but one thing that’s clear is that these Networks have been pumping out a consistent message about the strength of their industries for years and years. That’s why we all know about them, and why we feel generally confident about working with companies in those areas. The Networks are also consistently supported by their industries.

thanks to John McMahon - Unsplash

If we want the Bournemouth region to reach the same level of respect, we need to push a similar message as consistently as they do. This campaign is a step in the right direction, but without your support now – it can, and will, only be a one off event!

Please do join the Silicon South Network today

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