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The Silicon South Network

exists to raise the recognition, ambition and capabilities of people and companies in the Digital, Creative and Tech sectors (DCT) in Dorset

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Why join the network?

The network exists to deliver 3 ambitions:


  your business with customers who want to buy what you have to sell


  higher-quality talent to apply for jobs in your business – in greater numbers


  the skills, knowledge and abilities of your workforce – from leader to new recruit

What do I get?

There are two ways these services are provided to Supporters:

Direct action

where you join in with specific activities and services

Indirect action

where the Network executes a national marketing strategy and an ‘enterprise-engagement’ strategy to drive those bigger picture benefits

Direct Action

Activities and benefits

The Network delivers a range of activities which have been designed around the things our Supporters say they need. Every supporter gets to access the following activities:

Directors dinners

Join a very select, curated group of your fellow senior directors and founders to discuss the concerns and ambitions you face with people who truly understand them, because they’re in the same position too.

Career development groups

These groups enable anyone in your workforce to get the advice and guidance that can make a real difference to how they do their jobs, from people facing similar challenges through facilitated discussions.

The industry database

Put yourself on the map! Every supporter is added to the searchable Network map on the homepage and our database – so anyone looking for specific expertise can find you.

Meet the buyer

These events are designed for Supporters who deliver true innovation in their services propositions. Firstly, educate prospects about the latest opportunities you offer, then folow up with 1-to-1 conversations.

The jobs board

Add an unlimited number of jobs to the jobs board, promote your opportunities further and wider as the network engages universities, schools, colleges and those ‘boomerangers’ looking to relocate.

Promote your news

Every Supporter is invited to add your own stories so we can promote your latest news and share what’s going on with a much wider audience. Your stories are all pushed through our social channels too.

Advertise your events

If you’re running an event, workshop, activity or conference – let everyone know about it. The events will also be promoted through our weekly email and social channels to help you reach a wider audience.

Extra benefits for supporters

There is an array of extra benefits offered to Supporters by other businesses in the community. Free consultancy, discounts, introductions, even 2 for 1 cocktails. The offers are constantly evolving.

Find a contract

Discover opportunities from businesses who are searching for a company to deliver their creative, digital or tech needs. Access the details and submit your response.

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Indirect Action

Engaging new business and talent for the sector

When it comes to making a subscription, the natural question is to ask what’s in it for me and my business. Fair enough, but to get the most out of all those direct activities, the Network has to reach out to a broad audience. Your support helps us to do that.
Our work is all about raising the profile of the sector in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and the surrounding region. It’s not so much a single campaign, but focuses more on direct action to engage local enterprises and institutions.

Big picture marketing

We need the country to know what an amazing sector we are. We’re fed up of attention always going to Bristol or Manchester. This campaign will promote the skills, abilities and achievements of you – the Supporters.

Increase customer enquiries from local companies

An outreach programme to connect and develop opportunities with other sector networks and professional organisations. This will bring our Supporters together with potential customers.

Attract new talent to the sector

To attract the right people either starting out or – with more experience – wanting to relocate, we will work with the universities and colleges to increase local job hunters and generate more interest nationally and in London.

Lobby and pitch for funding

The Network has established connections with several public funds. By submitting applications for new programmes we aim to secure further funding to invest directly into the growth strategies of Supporters.

Ready to be part of the South’s fastest growing community?

TurnoverMonthly Price
Please choose your last annual turnover figure and select the corresponding option which matches.A rolling monthly subscription is the easiest and best way to join the Network.
<£75k£7.50 p/m +VAT
<£150k£14 p/m +VAT
<£250k£24 p/m +VAT
<£500k£36 p/m +VAT
<£1m£49 p/m +VAT
<£2.5m£64 p/m +VAT
<£5m£74 p/m +VAT
>£5m+£89 p/m +VAT
Our mission is to support a healthy sector – and hosting a vibrant community is a critical part of this, for all the reason explained above.