Innovation Clinic

Innovation Clinic

The Innovation Clinic can help you decide which specific innovations could best benefit your business and what processes you need to follow to adopt them


This event follows up on the state-of-art ideas presented at the Innovation Driving Growth event – You can rediscover all the advantages in the event video.

After all the talk and big ideas at the conference, this session focuses down on what you can and should actually do about it. There are lots of options and opportunities but it can be tricky to judge which areas would have the biggest benefits for you directly.

The clinic provides four experts who can talk you through the choices, identify the impact each might have and help you decide the best course to take. They can help you understand what would work in your business and which approach or technology would be most effective.

If you already have a good idea of the direction you want to go in, they can help you understand the steps you need to take to get there, what pitfalls to look out for – and even who can help if you need some assistance.

Throughout the morning, you can book in for 30-minute 1-to-1 sessions with one expert or, depending on what you want to find out, all of them! At the end of your consultations, you’ll have gained clarity on the best strategy for your business or a clear idea of the pathway you need to take to get there.

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  • Paul Tansey – Intergage
    • Paul is the MD of Intergage – a digital marketing business which engineers marketing systems to generate sales opportunities for Engineering, Manufacturing, Software and Tech companies. Paul is an expert on the exploitation of data to engage interest in your products from customers
  • Sarah Levett – IoT Solutions
    • Sarah is the Head of Marketing for IoT Solutions Group – a technology company dedicated to creating a brighter tomorrow through smart decisions. By sharing challenges and ideas they generate insights to drive positive change for individuals, business and society. Sarah is expert in connected devices and the Internet of Things
  • Joe Allnutt – Spyrosoft
    • Joe is the CTO of Spyrosoft, a tech company that combines the latest AI techniques with IT expertise to deliver production-ready solutions for organisations. Joe has experience in robotics, connected devices and machine learning both in his current role and previously at the Small  Robot company
  • Ryan England – Many
    • Ryan is Founder of Many. He has worked with amazing retails brands to build far reaching digital experiences. He is “strategist and planner by day; web developer and Laravel evangelist by night.” Ryan is steeped in the opportunities of machine learning and artificial intelligence

As with the Innovation Driving Growth event, the focus of the innovation is on:

  • Connecting up devices, products and machinery to the internet (e.g. internet of things)
  • Exploiting readily-available and newly-produced data to improve production, customer intelligence and even create brand new products
  • Deploying smart computing software to automate and accelerate resource-heavy processes, to speed up results or free up staff time (e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence

However our experts have broad reaching expertise and will happily discuss new developments in areas such as:

  • Converting prospect customers
  • Building new product offerings
  • Improving product and operational processes
  • Retaining customers and generating more repeat business
  • Managing staff, partners and customers
  • Reducing costs and overheads

To find out more about the clinic and the attending speakers, visit our dedicated Eventbrite page.

This event has been financially supported by BCP Council.


Event Details

Event Date 30th November 2021
Location This is a virtual event with consultations held over Zoom
Time 9:00 - 14:00
Price Free
Organiser Silicon South

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