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What To Expect From Innovation South?

After 18 months of turbulence, it’s never been more vital to improve growth and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the past 3 years has revolutionised how digital technology is helping companies to broaden markets, cut costs, and transform operations.  What were viewed as cutting-edge solutions are becoming increasingly mainstream. They can offer proven and tested solutions, but at an early-enough stage, still, to achieve competitive advantage.

The Innovate South event will give business leaders a detailed overview of the most ‘oven-ready’ solutions delivering the biggest impacts, today.

After all these months of isolation we’re delighted to offer an event which provides the best of both worlds – with the option to attend in-person – or remotely, if you’d prefer!

The main event happens at Centre VR in Bournemouth, where you can join in the human-interactive experience. Although, if you’re acting on the side of caution, you can attend virtually, via Zoom.

Please note: both ticket types are available on the same Eventbrite page, although in-person tickets are strictly limited for Covid safety, so please register sooner rather than later.



The event will discuss a range of innovative ways to build growth and increase productivity (with a focus on the impacts to business – more than the technologies themselves, using real life case studies.)

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Industry Experts

 Alongside presentations, panels and Q&As, there will be plenty of opportunity to meet the experts who can explain how new developments could function within in your own specific circumstances.

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From ground-breaking topics, to industry leading speakers, Innovate South is designed to explain, educate and excite business leaders about the latest possibilities available to conduct business and get greater results.

Anthony Story, Silicon South

Innovation South Topics

This event is designed for non-technical leaders to understand the business benefits offered by these new innovations. A collection of industry leaders and subject experts will provide short presentations, in-depth discussions and open Q & As – to explain the changes they have made and the new opportunities they have exploited – in areas such as:

  • Converting prospect customers
  • Building new product offerings
  • Improving product and operational processes
  • Retaining customers and generating more repeat business
  • Managing staff, partners and customers
  • Reducing costs and overheads

The technology areas to be examined will focus on:

  • Connecting up devices, products and machinery to the internet (e.g. internet of things)
  • Exploiting readily-available and newly-produced data to improve production, customer intelligence and even create brand new products
  • Deploying smart computing software to automate and accelerate resource-heavy processes, to speed up results or free up staff time (e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence)

Want to find out more about our topics or the agenda for Innovate South?

Head to our agenda page linked below.

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Industry Experts

We have secured some of the brightest minds to share their experiences and best working practices. Throughout the event, you’ll be able to hear first hand how they’ve deployed the latest innovative technologies and the benefits they’ve generated, as a result. They will be ready to help answer any questions you may have. Check out some of our speakers, and see all of our guests using the link below.

Andrew Walker


Sarah Levett

IoT Solutions

Nuno Almeida