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What’s the best kind of copywriting?

1 Apr 2021 | Industry News

Before the rise of digital, copywriting was simpler. It was clever headlines. It was direct mail. It was integral to the world of advertising. But things have changed and evolved. The platforms we have to communicate with audiences are more diverse than ever.

Today, there are so many shades of copywriting to choose from. Which one is best for the task in hand? Do you need someone that specialises in content? Or an SEO ninja who promises to get your website to no.1 on Google? Maybe you’re looking for a storyteller? Which is the best kind of copywriting?


A Thousand Monkeys’ copywriting scoring system

To help you navigate the terms you might see on the internet, we’ve scored a selection of different copywriting specialisms. After you’ve read the post, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what shade of copywriting you need. Think of it as Top Trumps so you can quickly see their strengths and weaknesses.

For each category, there is a maximum of ten points for:

  • Persuasive power – is there a likelihood of behaviour change or action?

  • Longevity – good headlines from days gone by are still discussed today. Will this type of writing stick?

  • Skill – how easy is it to write and does it require expert ability?


Follow the link to continue reading the article by A Thousand Monkeys’ – https://www.athousandmonkeys.co.uk/post/what-s-the-best-kind-of-copywriting