The Innovation Design Lab: January

The Innovation Design Lab: January

🚀 The Innovation Design Lab

📅 Dates: January 16th and January 30th, 2024. Please only sign up if you can attend both sessions.

🕒 Time: January 16th (9-5pm) and January 30th (9-2pm), 2024.

📍 Location: The Chocolate Box offices, 8-10 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 3NA

🚀 Innovation Design Lab: Connect Better with Your Customers

Research from the Harvard Business Review reveals that 85% of new product launches miss the mark within 2 years. It’s not because the service is bad or the tech doesn’t work. It’s because:

1️⃣ Creators often miss who really wants their product versus who could theoretically use it.

2️⃣ They create flashy features that customers don’t care about.

3️⃣ They chase the wrong customers instead of those with a genuine need.

Why? Creators can get carried away by the idea, rushing to build an ‘amazing’ product too quickly. *Is this resonating?* If so, then this free opportunity is likely ideal for you…

🔑 The solution? Spend more time upfront understanding what customers want, why, and what drives their interest.

This way, you can nail down these 5 crucial things:

  • What customers truly need
  • Features they’ll actually use
  • What convinces them to buy
  • Who your real customers are
  • The market size and opportunity

This ensures you know exactly who you’re creating for, what they want, need -and why- and how profitable your idea can be.

🛠️ At The Innovation Design Lab we’ll help you to:

  • Understand customer desires
  • Appreciate their motivations for a better offering
  • Uncover their current frustrations
  • Pinpoint how your innovation solves their problems
  • Focus on your most vital design elements
  • Define the market subset this appeals to
  • Figure out how to effectively connect with your market
  • Articulate the scale and scope of the opportunity


👥 Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs, business owners, product and creative directors, and marketers in Dorset, who are eager to amplify their USP, enhance customer connections, and elevate their brand’s visibility and impact.

Eligibility Criteria:

Should ideally:

  • Already be up and running for a solid 2 years
  • Have at least 5 team members
  • Be hitting a turnover of £100,000 or more
  • Be based in the UK and active in Dorset

Nice-to-Haves (But Not Essential):

  • Shown investment in R&D
  • Already exporting or have export potential
  • Have raised secured investment from private investors in previous funding rounds
  • Have secured funding or applied for funding from Innovate UK in the past (including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)
  • Been part of an accelerator, incubator program, or a government Catapult programme

P.S.: If your business is close but not spot-on with these criteria, give us a shout anyway. We’re open to chatting and exploring options.

🎟️ Limited Spaces Available! Reserve your spot now and redefine your business’s customer-focused approach for success in 2024.

Let’s build innovations that truly resonate. Secure your spot now and let’s dive into understanding your customers better!

Event Details

Event Date 16th January 2024
30th January 2024
Location The Chocolate Box, Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 3NA, UK
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Price Free
Organiser Silicon South
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