Peer Support for Large Digital, Creative and Tech Businesses

Peer Support for Large Digital, Creative and Tech Businesses

🚀 Peer Support for Large Digital, Creative and Tech Businesses

📅 Date: January 25th, 2024

⌚ Time: 09:00 AM – 2:00 PM

🏛️ Venue: Captains Club Hotel & Spa, Wick Lane, Christchurch, UK

Sometimes, the bigger a business grows the more isolated the leader can feel. When you’re the one everyone is looking at to ‘steer the ship’, it becomes increasingly hard to admit you don’t have all the answers.

The pressures of success, as well as possible failure means, sometimes you just don’t want to share problems with the board, your directors or the staff – at least, not until you’ve got your own head round them. Other times, even if you do share them, they don’t always have the right answers anyway!

However… there is one group of people who understand this better than anyone else…

Other leaders – just like you – in exactly the same position, facing similar challenges.

🌟 This Opportunity

The Scale Leaders Discovery Morning unites leaders from BCP’s prominent digital, creative, and tech companies that do not compete with each other, and employ more than 24 staff members. This gathering aims to 1) explore ways to help each other improve how they do their job and 2) introduce solutions to provide exactly the right sort of support over the long term.

📅 The Agenda

The morning begins by identifying your 3-to-5-year goals, and exploring the main challenges that have to be overcome to achieve them, as a group. This helps define common issues faced by the majority around which future access to expertise can be offered.

The group will also be taken through an Issue-solving exercise. This is a facilitated session which allows participants to outline some of the issues they face right now. Utilising the power of the peer group, they will be offered a range of possible solutions to help shift their thinking around thorny problems or tantalising opportunities.

Overall, the session provides a taster for an approach which offers high-level leaders with peer and expert support, for which they can determine if this is a positive framework to help them in the future.

👥 Your Facilitators

This Session is provided in partnership with Growth Leaders. A specialist company providing support for the development of digital, tech and creative businesses and their leadership. Growth Leaders is a young company, driven by experienced heads, which is quickly developing a strong reputation for delivering first class insight and support to the sector. Spaces on this session are highly sought after, but strictly limited.

🔍 Want in?

We welcome expressions of interest from all companies in the sector, who employ 24 or more staff and/or long-term freelancers, and are based in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole. Once submitted, all expressions of interest will be followed up with a 1-to-1 conversation with a member from the event team to ensure suitability. An offer of attendance will only be confirmed after this has taken place.

🌟 For companies who do not meet the staff/employee threshold, please consider this alternative event for leaders of between 4-23 staff. We will assess this on a case-by-case basis.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Event Details

Event Date 25th January 2024
Location Captains Club Hotel & Spa, Wick Lane, Christchurch, UK
Time 09:00 - 14:00
Price 0.00
Organiser Silicon South
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