Evolve Leaders Lunch with Chris Croft: Finding Balance in an Ambitious World

Evolve Leaders Lunch with Chris Croft: Finding Balance in an Ambitious World

 Friday 6th October, connect with like-minded business leaders for a three course lunch at Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth.

Join us for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on the concept of success and its potential pitfalls.

Chris Croft will delve into the meaning of success and explore whether it’s possible to overdo it in our quest for achievement.

Success means something different to everyone.

But what exactly is success, and how do we measure it? Is it solely about reaching financial milestones, acquiring recognition, or attaining material possessions?

Chris will explore the difference between enjoyment and achievement, a different way to look at the balance between home and work and how to identify the sweet spot for your life between achievement and quality of life.

Don’t know how to find the right balance?

Chris will discuss five strategies you can use when overachieving has pulled you too far away from quality of life and how stress and time management can affect happiness and success.

About Chris Croft

Chris Croft is one of the world’s leading trainers and provides a wide variety of courses. To date Chris has trained some 87 000 people face to face, eighteen million on-line, and has a 94% rate of repeat business.

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If you would like to book a table of 8 at £450 + VAT, please do email [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch!

Event Details

Event Date 6th October 2023
Location Marsham Court Hotel, Russell Cotes Road, East Cliff, Bournemouth, UK
Time 12:00 - 16;)0
Price £60+VAT
Organiser Evolve
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