Directors Dinner – A profile of success – Laura Edwards

Directors Dinner – A profile of success – Laura Edwards

If well-rounded experience is a great qualification for an entrepreneur, it’s not hard to see why Laura Edwards is being so amazingly successful.

Founder of the UK’s 2nd Influencer agency, Viral Talent, she recently launched Wild Vision – developing content to grow social media presences. It’s shown astronomical year-on-year growth breaking across the USA, Australia and beyond.

Maybe it was cutting her teeth at Radio 1 – or running off to South Africa to found her first business? Then there was a pivotal moment being held up at gun point! Certainly being Head of Sales for Newsquest’s 300 publications helped. Whatever the reasons, she’s grown multiple businesses – helping multiple influencers become millionaires in the process.

That said, she remains deeply modest and we’ve had to really cajole her to talk about any of it! From daring-do to international growth, we’ll cover lots of ground to open up the next directors discussion in all sorts of interesting directions.


What to expect from a Directors Dinner

The Directors Dinners brings small groups of directors together, to offer a valuable opportunity for leaders to have open and frank discussions with their peers – about business, the challenges faced and how to move forward. All discussion’s are strictly off-the-record.

Although we have an expert on hand, the dinner is designed for you to explore the challenges and opportunities you face, and tap into the wisdom of people facing similar questions – and perhaps come up with alternative ways to tackle them.

These events are exclusively for leaders running Digital, Creative or Tech businesses in the Bournemouth region and Dorset, that employ 12 or more employees.

Participants will usually be limited to one per company as demand dictates.


Silicon South is supported through the Boscombe Digital Skills Hub programme to host these events.

Event Details

Event Date 15th November 2023
Location Brasserie Blanc - Bournemouth, Saint Michael's Road, West Cliff Road, Bournemouth, UK
Time 6pm - 9:30pm
Price £69.95
Organiser Silicon South
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