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Ready for Take-Off
24 Apr 2022
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17 Apr 2022
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11 Apr 2022
Ready for Take-Off
4 Apr 2022

Defining markets and building value with Adrian Dwyer #S1E7

3 Mar 2020 | Innovation

Product-focused entrepreneur Adrian Dwyer has worked with and founded multiple technology companies covering industries including wave energy, autonomous vehicles and would-care technology. He’s an adviser on the commercialisation of IP, including angel and private equity fund-raising. Adrian shares examples of the importance of stepping back and positioning your product within the right market, building revenue traction and creating value for acquisition. We also look into the lessons and advice he provides to his own mentees and the importance of mentoring. This episode of The 10th Degree covers: Choosing the right market for your product, Re-focusing your product, Common mistakes of early-stage companies, Building value for acquisition, Future-planning, Mentoring. Links and references at: