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Ready for Take-Off
24 Apr 2022
C21st Customer Conundrum
17 Apr 2022
Maintain and improve employee performance & wellbeing in challenging conditions.
11 Apr 2022
Ready for Take-Off
4 Apr 2022

Building a loyal online audience through content marketing with Mark Masters #S1E10

5 May 2020 | Innovation

With the online world overrun with different tools and platforms, it’s easy to be unsure how to promote yourself through the noise and what content you should be posting.  Mark Masters is passionate about building loyal online audiences, as a relationship tool for every business, but only if it’s done the right way! Author of The Content Revolution, founder of The ID Group and creator of You Are The Media, Mark is against dull content, spammy selling tactics and uncomfortable forceful messages, in this episode he discusses how to use the spaces in front of you to build trusted relationships that make people feel relaxed and willing to approach you as an expert. This episode of The 10th Degree covers – Content Marketing – Adding value through stories – Importance of values and principles in marketing – How to become the media – Finding a space and owning it – Building trust – Finding allies that will support youLinks and references at