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Ready for Take-Off
24 Apr 2022
C21st Customer Conundrum
17 Apr 2022
Maintain and improve employee performance & wellbeing in challenging conditions.
11 Apr 2022
Ready for Take-Off
4 Apr 2022

Analysing your business financials and planning for the future with Chris Grubb #S1E6

20 Feb 2020 | Innovation

Finances are often the most under appreciated part of entrepreneurship, yet the impact a good Financial Director can add to a start-up and scale-up business is invaluable. We talk to Financial Director Chris Grubb about creating the steps to take to create financial feedback loop in your business, where your numbers show you what steps to take and then insights into the results those actions are having as well as planning for the future. This episode of The 10th Degree covers: how to segment your revenue streams for accurate reporting, the value a Financial Director can add to your business, measuring staff time efficiency, forecasting and projecting the years ahead, setting financial targets, shareholder value analysis, business mission vs vision. Links and references: