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5 steps to build trust through language

9 Nov 2020 | Industry News

5 steps to build trust through language

Other than having a good product or service, there’s probably nothing more important to your business than earning the trust of your clients.

Trust is what gains you new customers. It’s what keeps those customers coming back. And it’s what turns them into ambassadors for your brand, recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

But, as in any relationship, trust is something that has to be earned. It’s not automatic – you need to take active steps to show people that you’re worthy. And the way you communicate is a big part of that process.

Here are 5 steps to help you build that trust through your writing.

Step 1: be consistent

Before you do anything too ambitious, it pays to get the basics right. Consistency across your communications is the first step in building trust with your audience. People interact with your business in lots of different ways – they might see an advert on social media, or read a physical brochure, or speak to a salesperson over the phone – and those different channels all need to tie together.

Without consistency, your brand will be weak and confusing. So how do you build trust through consistency?

Tone of voice

A tone of voice guide that’s easy to understand and implement is a must for any medium or large business. When lots of people are writing for your brand, you need everyone to work from one common set of guidelines.


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