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23 Oct 2020
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22 Oct 2020
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20 Oct 2020

The realities of entrepreneurship with Andrew Walker

9 Oct 2020 | Industry News, Mentoring

As part of the exciting launch of our fourth Open Accelerator, we are thrilled to announce one of our guest speakers and entrepreneur, Andrew Walker. Through his years of experience he will provide a very honest, down-to-earth view on the type of people and set of skills required to start and scale a successful business, from building your co-founding team, to understanding your end goal whilst sharing his experiences in building and selling “Software as a service” (SAAS) companies.

At the start of 2020, we sat down with Andrew on our 10th Degree Podcast to learn more about his experiences in:

  • Tools to help define your business strategy
  • Understanding your product
  • Solo-founder vs Co-Founding
  • Founder & Shareholder Agreements
  • Being cautious with selling equity
  • Investment – Finding Good Money vs Bad Money
  • The process of selling a company

To listen to the full podcast or read the full transcript, click here.

To sign up to the first Open Accelerator workshop with Andrew Walker, click here.