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Ready for Take-Off
24 Apr 2022
C21st Customer Conundrum
17 Apr 2022
Maintain and improve employee performance & wellbeing in challenging conditions.
11 Apr 2022
Ready for Take-Off
4 Apr 2022

The realities of entrepreneurship with Andrew Walker #S1E1

4 Feb 2020 | Innovation

Do the skills and traits required to win in sport also apply to running a successful business? Start-up advisor, strategist and software expert Andrew Walker discusses the realities of entrepreneurship. He provides a very honest, down-to-earth view on the type of people and set of skills required to start and scale a successful business, from building your co-founding team, to understanding your end goal whilst sharing his experiences in building and selling “Software as a service” (SAAS) companies. This episode of The 10th Degree covers: Tools to help define your business strategy, Understanding your product, Solo-founder vs Co-Founding, Founder & Shareholder Agreements, Being cautious with selling equity, Investment – Finding Good Money vs Bad Money, The process of selling a company. Links and references available at: