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15 Oct 2021
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22 Sep 2021

The Purpose Of Marketing And The Marketing Mix

1 Apr 2021 | Industry News

The Three Purposes of Marketing – Intergage

1. Build, maintain and protect the brand

This is about the awareness and credibility of your brand and how trusted we are in the marketplace. It’s not about the product or service we sell, but about our organisations, who we are, why we do what we do and how we do it.

2. Customer engagement

Attracting, appealing to, pleasing, connecting with and retaining our customers using the appropriate tools, channels and technology at our disposal. This remains the essence of marketing in today’s world. But today, marketing has a much larger part to play than ever before. Our customers are moving much further through the sales pipeline without even talking to salespeople. In fact, our customers tell us they don’t want to be sold to anymore. So, we have to completely change our perspective and think more about how we engage with our customers before their buying journey even begins. By making this our starting point we are able to better understand out customers and connect through what they really care about, what matters to them and the challenges they deal with every day.

3. Driving demand

This is not the same as generating leads, thought leads are the natural outcome of the process. Demand generation requires a longer term, far wider, holistic marketing approach that builds awareness and interest. It should create engagement around customer issues while aligning that with what we sell.

Of course, how we do this all depends on our business and our marketing strategy. It takes an unrelenting long-term commitment but taken together, these three elements create the environment in which we can more effectively achieve our organisation’s strategic business goals.

So, now we understand our purpose, let’s move on to the marketing mix.


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