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The importance of building your business reputation and maintaining communications with Liz Willingham #S1E9

10 Apr 2020 | Podcast

In the thick of a crisis like the coronavirus, your business communications have to change and hiding under a rock is really not going to serve you. As a PR Business Leader, Founder of Liz Lean PR and Director at the British Chamber of Commerce, Liz Willingham is helping businesses daily navigate their way through. In this podcast she delves into why businesses should maintain communications and customer relationships, the importance of reputation and how to adapt and be creative in business during uncertain times. Away from the coronavirus challenge, we also discuss how to implement a PR strategy, cover the old school question – is there such a thing as bad publicity? Analyse the power of a pet story, the rise of becoming “Tik Tok famous” and share a few examples of sneaky and amusing accidental PR stunts she’s pulled herself in the past! This episode of The 10th Degree covers:The importance of business reputationMaintaining communications and customer relationshipsUnderstanding why your client or customer should buy from youHow to implement a PR strategyBuilding relationships with editorsAdapting and being creative in uncertain times. Examples of successful publicity stuntsLinks and references at: