Tech Founders – South

Tech Founders – South

Tech Founders is a monthly meetup for anyone running a tech company in Greater Bournemouth and the surrounding region.

What’s it for?

It’s here to support a thriving tech founders’ community in the Greater Bournemouth region. The focus is not on the tech itself but making sure founders have the business confidence and skills they need to run a successful tech company.

How do we define ‘Tech’

This group is specifically for founders and directors of scalable, product-based companies which are looking to scale by exploiting one or more software-based products. This includes: apps, software tools, software-driven technology etc. – as long as it’s product-focused

What it’s not

This group is not for service-model companies. You might deliver tech solutions – but if they’re built for clients and you aren’t looking to scale a product, this is not the group for you. But don’t worry, Silicon South delivers other activities designed to support you.

And if you fit in the middle?

Your business might build products – and deliver services too. You’re very welcome to join in, but the group asks that you only focus on the product side of your business at the meetups.


When, Where, What and How Often?

Tech Founders meets every month, in Bournemouth. The meetups are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month starting at 17:45pm. (Although March is on Wed 4th. It’s open to everyone and anyone (who fits the profile above).

Tech Founders is designed to bring people together – from novice to hard-bitten entrepreneur – to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience. It’s a really supportive environment that can reduce the pressure and loneliness of being a tech founder.

There are 4 things that happen at Tech Founders’ meetups, mainly.

  • Discussion groups: Small groups of people get to talk about their business challenges and ambitions – to get input and ideas of how to tackle them. For example:
    • How to scale – how to find customers – or how to develop sales pipelines?
    • How to manage or find new talent?
    • Help with finances or raising investment
  • Pitch sessions: Companies have the chance to give their pitch deck to the room. It’s a great way to get friendly feedback before having to face investors.
  • Open sharing: 20min informal presentations where people share specific lessons from their own experience
  • Networking: Drinks and a chance for one-to-one conversations with others

Not every meetup will include every type of format – but if you’d like to practice you pitch or have lessons to raise please get in touch. We’re really lucky to have some very experienced entrepreneurs who genuinely want to share their knowledge to help others succeed. They just want to give back!


What Else?

Behind the Scenes Silicon South will be pulling together all that success and ambition to promote your stories (with your permission) to the outside world. Bit by bit we will provide depth to the ‘story’ of Bournemouth’s Tech success – to build credibility and make it easier to attract interest in what you do from the people who most matter to your business.

What If I want to talk about the Tech rather than a tech business?

There are several communities dedicated to talking tech and delving into the mechanics of development – just go to:

DevOps Exchange Bournemouth

Word Press Bournemouth

Tech Dorset


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