My Work Experience at Digital Storm

Hello, my name is Isabella, and I’m currently doing my work experience at Digital Storm for 2 weeks.

As of right now, I’m 15 and a year 10 at Bournemouth School for Girls and I’m very interested in digital work and design for my future so Digital Storm will help me to understand more about how design works in the workplace after I finish school – so there was no hesitation picking it as my work experience when I saw it as an option.

I currently have little knowledge of how digital design works so I’m hoping to learn more about it over the course of my work experience, using apps such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to help me do so. I’ve never worked in an office like the Digital Storm office – not that I’ve worked in any office before, however, I’m looking forward to spending time here and learning a lot of new things that I’m not taught in school such as how to work my way around social media posts and designing things digitally. I have very little experience in the area, only have designed things on paper (usually school books) and occasionally in art courses, so I’m excited to improve my skills and knowledge.

For me, I came to Digital Storm – instead of my primary school for example which is proving popular for many in my year at school, as it does the same things that I want to do in the future while also being a really friendly environment, which I can happily learn the basics in while being involved in many projects which will also help enhance my skills – including my game skills with the pool and table tennis table.

It’s also a very free open environment, which is a big contrast to how it is at school, so these 2 weeks are not only a beneficial insight into how the workplace works in a sense but a break from the stress of exams at school which is very important, with exams in a year.

In the future, as I said, I’m looking to go into design with things very similar to what Digital Storm does, hoping to take for example English Literature for A level so doing things like writing this blog are very helpful for me as preparation for that. I’ve only been here for a very short time so far, but I’m looking forward to spending more time working on projects like this one and a wide variety of others.

All of the team at Digital Storm are very welcoming and so is the overall environment which is very open with things such as the previously mentioned pool table and also how easy it is to walk into the office in the mornings – as long as you don’t forget your key card, which luckily, I have yet to forget it at home. On arrival, I’ve been told a brief overview of what I’ll be up to during my time here and also what to do in emergencies such as if I’m hungry I know where the kitchen is. Overall I’m looking forward to working at Digital Storm for the next 2 weeks and I’m certain I will enjoy learning a range of new abilities which I will be able to use in the future after I finish school and hopefully enter a workplace such as Digital Storm.

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