Marketing For Sustainability event and Working With AR

Revitalising The High Street Through AR 

In 2021 Crowd worked with the BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole) council to create an innovative way to bring more business to local high streets using an augmented reality solution.

Over the past few years, businesses have had to compete with online companies leading to some high streets struggling. Crowd were briefed to help encourage and attract more people back to high streets around the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area and we were chosen through a competitive pitch. 

With this exciting brief of many possibilities, working alongside the 5G roll out and Xpertnest Crowd developed a proof of concept app and strategy of developing graphics that were applied onto empty shop windows, encouraging locals and tourists to download the alive app whilst bringing bright and vibrant graphics to otherwise empty and ugly shops. This app aimed to spread information about the town, making it easier for people to get around and explore. By using gamification visitors and locals can earn points that can be redeemed at local independent shops.

When on the app, users can experience a 3D like world through their phone, with animals walking around the town, including a large whale at Lansdowne. The app also brings local history alive, showing what a building or street would have looked like many years ago. 

Having delivered the proof of concept we are now excited about the next steps and roll out across the BCP area.

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Marketing Support at Sustainability Event

Earlier in the year, the Crowd NL team was in Munich, helping leading solar experts, Trina solar, with their digital activities at the innovative, Intersolar Europe event.

Intersolar Europe is the largest solar trade fair in Europe with worldwide attendees.

Crowd were proud to assist Trina Solar with their booth activities where they hosted both their rooftop and utility-scale solutions, along with multiple new product launches and presentations by their very own industry experts.

Videography of hero and product videos, production of LED wall assets for presentations, were shot and created by Crowd to showcase the amazing technology that makes Trina Solar leaders in the industry.

Along with videography, the NL social team took to Trina Solar’s social media platforms, documenting every activity at Trina Solar’s booth, keeping their online audience fed.

Crowd also created two landing pages for Vertex and Trina Solar Live to go alongside the event.

The Crowd team have really enjoyed working with Trina Solar and will be assisting  them with the remainder of their upcoming events to wrap up their roadshow in Europe.

Crowd’s global team of marketing experts have put together an ebook on How To Tell Your Sustainable Story. Download it today to see how we help brands highlight their environmental efforts.


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