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Great ideas exist. Whether they are far fetched innovations or a routine requirement for optimising the work we’re already doing, great ideas exist and are the launchpad of innovation.

However, when it comes to the implementation of great ideas, there are a number of challenges we are all likely to face. In this video, the innovation panel discuss some of the greatest challenges they have encountered when implementing great ideas.

What will machine learning, AI and/or advanced data science mean for innovators over the next 10 years? The expert panel share their insights into the advancements being made within businesses using AI.

The panel further touch upon areas we are likely to see AI applied in the future, which includes the optimisation of businesses that work in hyper-competitive markets and the development of new tools that disrupt IT usage in corporate environments.

Data is a broad area for discussion. Whether you use apps, website analytics or a CRM system, you’re either knowingly or unknowingly relying on data in some capacity for your business.

In this part of the innovation discussion, the panel cover data source, data usage, data purpose and diversity and most importantly, the use of data in gaining insights.

Colin Parnell, the Founder and Director of Centre VR joins the innovation discussion to provide an overview of the work being carried out to educate the community in Bournemouth on virtual reality.

Centre VR runs an educational programme, working with local schools, colleges and universities, bringing people into the futuristic world of VR, offering insight into the potential of VR and encouraging those interested to pursue a career in the industry.

For businesses, connecting devices and machinery to the internet brings a whole new dimension to how a business operates. Internet connectivity can supercharge the services a business offers to its customers.

During this segment of the innovation discussion, our panellists look at why a company might want to connect their devices and machinery to the internet, and what benefits could accrue.