On 3rd August, local agency Crowd had the honour of organising a beach clean with one of their clients and not for profit organisation Plastic Oceans. It was sponsored by zero waste shop, Almond & Co. on a perfectly sunny day at Branksome Beach to celebrate Plastic Ocean’s Trees and Seas festival which took place on 2nd – 8th August.

The beaches around Bournemouth can get especially busy during the tourist seasons and still lots of people haven’t seemed to realise there are no rubbish collecting fairies on the beach. 37% of marine litter comes directly from the public (less plastic) so change needs to happen!

After a health and safety talk, they grabbed their bags and gloves, partnered up and started the walk down in the sand. 73% of beach litter is plastic so by the end of the evening they had a large collection of cigarette buts, micro-plastics, plasters, food wrappers and more.

They also found a L scrabble letter (which they saw as a sign as L for litter), a rusty clippers tin and many plastic sandcastle decorations. The day was followed by a live Instagram workshop with the Plastic Oceans team and finished with a pint!

We would love for you to help spread the message of taking your rubbish home and encourage your own beach cleans!

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