New Digital Agency ETHICLY Launches as the World Celebrated Earth Day.

Bournemouth-based digital agency ETHICLY launched last week, as the world celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Since 1970 the Earth Day movement has been driving towards widespread, global change for good. All this stems from a clear and central mission; ‘to build the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet’.

ETHICLY has a clear mission ‘to Make A Difference with Digital’ and, as such, the agency is uniquely targeted towards ‘brands for good’.

Founder Nikki Webb developed her skills in digital over 20 years working for and with major retail, telecoms and technical brands. In the last 5 years, running her own digital consultancy she has found herself gravitating more and more towards projects where the client’s values resonated with her own. Now as the world survives lockdown, the Coronavirus crisis calls on us all to draw on our innate values of supporting local communities, human kindness and global health, Nikki has launched ETHICLY. This is a Digital Agency that specialises in delivering expert guidance and change to brands, who embody these values: human-centric, earth-conscious, ethical sourcing, carbon neutrality and, in general, striving to ‘do good’ in what they do.

Drawing from the collective wisdom of a tight network of specialists, ETHICLY provides a full spectrum of digital services – from Nikki’s strategic direction and brand development skills, to website build, copy and content, social strategies and execution, and – of course – marketing across the breadth of the digital world.

Nikki told us: “It may seem like a strange time to launch a business, but I can’t think of a better moment to start ETHICLY. As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of World Earth Day, and see the positive impact of lower emissions on our planet – as well as the kindness and generosity of the human spirit around the globe – I feel even more passionate about using my digital skills and experience for good. To connect people, drive awareness and change, bringing results to brands who are fighting to make a difference.”

Nikki went on to say how excited they are to be working with CTX Global – towards carbon neutral status, and they’ve pledged to plant trees for every project undertaken. The aim is to live the values that they and their clients hold dear.

“At ETHICLY we are conscious, fearless and authentic in our approach, with lots of heart and soul thrown in for good measure!”

You can find out more about ETHICLY at

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