5 Ways to Make Bingeable Social Media Content

Do you want your audience to binge through all of your content?
We’ve got five tips to make unmissable social media content and keep them scrolling through your feed.

If you’re tired of creating bland and uninspiring social media content that fails to capture your audience’s attention? Maybe it’s time to break the rules and create content that’s truly binge-worthy like a Netflix show! Here are 5 Ways to make bingeable social media content from the team at SCS Studio


Create a series of posts kind of like episodes. It could be a series styling one of your brands products or break the mould and make a series about thinks that pair horrendously with your product. Don’t be afraid to tackle controversial topics or go against the grain to grab your audience’s attention.


Ditch the mundane and uniform themes, and unleash your creativity by finding your own style of content and themes. Be bold, take risks, and disrupt the norm to stand out from the sea of sameness – and be consistent with your style!


Leave your audience craving for more with cliffhangers and hooks that keep them on the edge of their seats. Make them anticipate and eagerly wait for the next post by teasing them with a sneak peek of what’s coming.


Unleash your brand’s personality by using visually stunning content that demands attention. Using high quality social media videography positions your brand in the best light and makes it visually appealing to the viewer.


We usually love breaking the rules but consistency is key when it comes to creating bingeable social media content. By sticking to a regular posting schedule, you can establish a routine for your audience and keep them engaged over time. Work out what that looks like for you. Is it once a week or can you manage posting daily? As long as you’re consistent, your audience will learn what to expect.

It’s time to let go of the mundane and liberate your social media content by taking risks and being disruptive. Create content that’s rebellious, unpredictable, and truly binge-worthy. By using these strategies, you can create a social media presence that is just as addictive as the latest Netflix series.

SCS Studio is brought to you by South Coast Social, one of the leading social media agencies on the UK south coast and headed up by Mandy Morello, an experienced photographer and social media content creator with years of practical knowledge of how to make sure photographic and video content stands out and makes a creative impact on social media channels.

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