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Special Events

Silicon south runs a range of events designed to help leaders develop their business plans and opportunities. The 10thDegree is a great example:

10th Degree

The 10th Degree is an intensive, one-day workshop where anyone running a creative or digital company can sit down – one-to-one – with a range of top business experts to get their advice to answer the big questions you face running your business.

The expertise ranges from entrepreneurs; CEOs; Lawyers; Finance Directors; Marketing; PR; Social Media; Sales; HR etc. It’s a unique opportunity to look at some of the specific challenges you need to resolve now or, alternatively, look at your business from several different directions and consider the best ways to move forward.

Who is it for?

This one-day event is aimed at MDs who are running companies from across the creative sector: Digital, Games, MedTech, EdTech, TV, Film, Design, Marketing etc. There are spaces for 20 companies to participate (two people per company may attend). There will be 10 experts on hand and every company has a chance to speak to at least 5 of them one-to-one. We also plan a number of breaks so you can talk to the others if you’re keen for even more input.

Workshops and Webinars

We’ll be delivering a range of workshops and masterclasses to give Supporters access to knowledge and expertise that can help them identify, define and realise their business ambitions. Each workshop explores a vital aspect of planning, building and launching a product or service.