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13 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019
13 Nov 2019

SiSo Supergroups

You know how you can’t always get the advice or help you need at work from your colleagues or boss? Perhaps they don’t understand your specialism, maybe you feel anxious admitting you don’t understand something, or they just might not know the answers.

Whatever the case, not feeling confident can suck!

So, if you want to know how to do your job better, why not talk to and learn from other people who are doing the same thing, somewhere else? This is exactly what SiSo Groups are for. In fact, the format has been co-designed with a bunch of creative people in Bournemouth agencies, in response to their request for help at all levels of business, not just the bosses!

Every SiSo group has 6 to 8 participants, all from different businesses, looking to answer similar things as you. Group members get chosen via a self-defined, selection process – to ensure they are made up of people in similar roles, similar sectors, facing similar challenges. Every group meets six times, for 1.5 hrs, once a month.

The sessions will be run by a facilitator, with relevant skills in your area. He/she will be a little bit more senior than the core group’s composition. They will be responsible for agreeing the agenda; steering the conversation; making sure everyone has a chance to talk; and offering the benefit of their own experience if and when it’s valid. But the principal focus is to allow the group members to have a chance to discuss their own challenges with each other, provide support and share ideas of how each other can improve their own work.

After six months, you’ll have experienced 6 in-depth sessions – plenty of time to build your confidence and introduce new ideas into your job. The groups then get disbanded – to avoid you getting stuck in the same clique – but you’ll have built some fantastic contacts in that time and can sign up for a new group straight away.