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Reinforcing your message by putting fun first with Mike Hawkyard

18 May 2021 | Podcast

In today’s market where attention spans are limited and opportunities are numerous, crafting an entertaining experience becomes the key to landing your marketing message. Having made the shrewd jump from web design to game design, Mike Hawkyard found the game format to be a perfect match for this ethos, one which he holds to this day.

Having made waves and developed games that have topped the charts in every country with an app store, Mike discusses how he attracted the attention of giant companies like Lego and Disney, and which game principles can be translated into real life structures.

This episode of 10th Degree covers:

  • Making the leap from website design to game development
  • Marketing to big companies as a small business
  • Mike’s ethos of ‘Fun first, Message second’
  • The nuanced difference between gamification and games
  • Translating game-based, task-reward structures into real life
  • Importance of enthusiastic team members who also challenge your ideas