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Positivity in copy: how to avoid making your reader cringe – A Thousand Monkeys

1 Mar 2021 | Industry News

“We should definitely have ‘positive’ as one of our tone of voice values.” Everyone around the table (or on the screen) nods. Of course, the team want the brand to sound positive. But they all have a nagging doubt: ‘what does positivity actually sound like in writing?’.


Too gushy. Too desperate. Too good to be true. There are definitely dangers around positivity when it comes to writing copy. You don’t want to risk sounding like you’re begging your readers to buy. Equally, trying to be your customers’ best bud is a bit weird.

But if you can nail positivity, you’ll leave readers feeling great about your brand. And if you can highlight the positives of your product effectively, they’ll be more confident that you’ll help solve their challenges.

So, what’s the trick to getting it right? Here are our practical tips for writing in a positive way.

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