Positives from the Pandemic: We Want To Change The Way We Treat The Planet, Show Us How

Positives from the Pandemic: We Want To Change The Way We Treat The Planet, Show Us How

New research shows UK consumers want to live more sustainably coming out of the coronavirus crisis, and are looking for brands to lead the way.

While the world’s population battles through this pandemic-driven crisis, global lock down keeps cars off the road and planes grounded, and Mother Earth enjoys a temporary reprise. But new research shows that this need not be a short-lived improvement. Results from a survey recently published by ETHICLY show that UK consumers overwhelmingly recognise the environmental positives from the pandemic and want to live more sustainably in the future.

Digital Agency ETHICLY are uniquely placed to reach out to consumers and bring the findings back to their clients. From their launch earlier this year they have been focused on developing digital identities, communication and marketing solutions for ethical brands and those just starting out on their sustainability journey.

Inspired by the #fornature movement that has grown out of World Environment Day, ETHICLY wanted to gather quantifiable information on the mood of the UK consumer. As millions locked down, ETHICLY wanted to know, had the pandemic made consumers less concerned about the planet, more insular and self-serving? Or, just maybe, could the opposite be true?

With a Pollfish-managed survey of 1,000 UK adult consumers across a diverse set of demographics, ETHICLY focused on assessing consumer desire for environmental change following the coronavirus pandemic touching on attitudes towards personal sustainability measures, local and community, and – most interestingly – the role of brands in the movement for change.

With 88% of consumers surveyed confirming that they wanted to embrace a new sustainable normal for the future, and more than 75% agreeing that brands need to help them achieve their sustainability goals, there is a truly positive message of hope for change coming out of the pandemic, and a clear call-to-action for businesses to make a step-change in their environmental approach to support this change.

For brands who are already hitting the mark, respondents were keen to demonstrate that they will be rewarded – with 87% stating that they will be more loyal to sustainable brands.

This is no small undertaking, for businesses or individuals but – agreed the respondents – it is the only route forward. More than 90% agreed on the top three things we must change going forward: we need to consume less and create less waste as well as use less plastic (93%), lower CO2 emissions (92%) and a staggering 94% agreed we must use the planet’s resources more wisely.

ETHICLY’s research conclusively lays out consumer appetite for a better, more considered tomorrow coming out of this pandemic, and gives explicit permission for brands not only to lead the way but also to feel confident that they can reap the benefit from a sustainable change.

Ultimately though, the biggest winner will be Mother Earth.

To download the report head to https://ethicly.co.uk/insights/

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