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Passenger is ensuring bus operators build back better in 2021

19 Feb 2021 | Industry News

Bus operators all over the country are already beginning to #BuildBackBetter and ensure their fleets are ready to welcome passengers back on board when safe to do so.

Blackpool Transport has been a member of the Passenger team for several years, and have positioned themselves at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to building a modernised and accessible network for the millions of passengers they carry each year.

When Blackpool Transport opted to change their ticket machine suppliers from Parkeon to Ticketer machines with QR code capabilities, Passenger was ready to ensure its part in the switchover was effortless.

Marketing & Commercial Manager at Blackpool Transport, Shane Grindey said “Introducing QR codes to our mobile tickets is an important step forward in understanding more about our customers by using data. Switching to Ticketer machines with QR code readers means we have needed to physically change our hardware, but Passenger has made the software change smooth, simple and effortless. We have certainly appreciated having one less thing to worry about during this challenging period by knowing we have been able to depend on Passenger to work with us as we upgrade our systems.”

Screenshot of the Blackpool Transport app showing a QR code.
Screenshot of a QR code on the Blackpool Transport app

Adding QR code scanning to apps brings additional benefits to operators and users. It provides extra security, as apps use a dynamic QR code (that changes every few seconds) on tickets to mitigate fraud, and access to data unavailable when using paper tickets or boarding codes. Other benefits include a simplified ticket validation process for drivers and better ticket-use management information through a closed-loop system.

QR code tickets mean faster boarding for users plus a contact-free experience as they scan their own devices under the QR reader on the Electronic Ticket Machine (ETM).

Alongside the move to QR codes in the Blackpool Transport app, Passenger also coordinated the switch to a new vehicle tracking feed for Blackpool Transport, which makes it possible for bus passengers to see how busy the bus is before they board.

Passenger supports QR code integration with leading ETM providers, making the switch to a new hardware provider straightforward and the benefits of change seen by operators and customers as soon as possible