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Open Accelerator

The Open Accelerator programme is designed for leaders running startups or early-stage companies to plan the best strategy for your business to successfully grow.

If you’re going to succeed, there are hundreds of options every leader has to consider. Every business has its own unique circumstances, so it’s tricky to decide exactly what’s going to be best for yours. How do you know what’s right for you?

The workshop programme will help you interrogate all of those questions you’ve got to answer to successfully build awareness, attract new customers and seamlessly deliver.

The Open Accelerator is spread across 11 workshops and runs over 13 weeks. Each workshop explores a vital aspect of planning, building and launching a product or service. We explain the scope, the aims and the rules of each topic and show you how you apply them to your business.

We’ll give you tools and templates to follow – and we’ll give you homework, so you can apply them to your own business – to make it as simple as possible to give your ambitions the best chance of success.

Attending the complete workshop programme provides essential learning for any startup. It might be that you’re a bit further down your business journey, however, in which case you can drop-in to any of the workshops as they apply to you. Give us a call to work out what’s best for you.

The modules are built around these topics:

  • How to create a product your buyers can’t resist – Blue Ocean Strategies
  • Big Picture Thinking! How to scope out your proposition
  • Psychological Purchasing – Understand why people buy your product – Value proposition
  • Do the Research – Turning hunches into facts
  • Minimum Viable Products – how much to create before you launch
  • Project planning – set things up properly to keep on top
  • Achieving a return on investment is really hard. Here’s how to plan for it
  • Branding – How to make a lasting impression
  • Create a lead-generating marketing strategy
  • Sales – Targets, leads and conversion
  • Get noticed! – PR, social media and networking

By the end of the programme you’ll have: A clear vision with long-term objectives in place; Business modelling and return on investment; Market research and customer demands; Marketing strategies;

Keeping solvent and/or accessing funding/investment.