Nelson Nutmeg Pictures in HBO’s Watchmen!

Nelson Nutmeg Pictures in HBO’s Watchmen!

Written by: Nelson Nutmeg Pictures |

For those of you who are enjoying HBO’s new Watchmen series, keep a look out in episode seven for specific footage provided by Nelson Nutmeg Pictures, shot exclusively in Bournemouth!

More specifically: Tim Clague (writer/director Nelson Nutmeg Pictures) experimented with filming bespoke ‘light leaks’. Light leaks are footage gained from exposing the camera to light without actually using a lens. Tim’s results were so good, he made them available online for filmmakers everywhere to download/purchase. These have proven to be popular and attention-grabbing, and Tim’s footage has appeared on shows across the Discovery Channel, National Geography Channel, BBC’s Star Gazing Live, Netflix’s What If? series, and now HBO’s Watchmen.

Fun fact: Tim filmed the Watchmen light leak in his bathroom, giving whole new meaning to ‘I’m going to take a leak’!

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