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National Mentoring Day with BU and AUB

2 Nov 2020 | Mentoring

This week we celebrated National Mentoring Day and it was perfect timing because we’ve been organising a Hackathon, in partnership with Bournemouth University and the Arts University of Bournemouth.

This is the second event we will be holding of it’s kind and we’re really excited for the launch next week.

Our team has been working around the clock and we already have the collaboration of the creative and tech teams at Ageas, but we really need agency professionals who work in tech, design and creative to lead the teams of 2 or 3 interdisciplinary students.

We truly believe it will be a fantastic opportunity to give students the ability to improve their skills with software development, data analytics, and digital design, through a virtual event.

If you are interested in mentoring a team of students, you’ll find all the details below.