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Legal considerations for scale-up businesses with Shaun Guppy #S1E4

5 Feb 2020 | Podcast

“Better Call Shaun!” In his position as a Company and Commercial Solicitor, Shaun Guppy is unique in his approachable, understanding and pragmatic manner in the world of corporate Law. He provides a variety of legal tips and tricks for new companies to consider when scaling-up, from key documentation to put in place at start-up level to looking towards your exit in the future. Whilst also delving into the similarities and differences of real-world Law firms verses their televised counter-parts. This episode of The 10th Degree covers: Building a relationship with your business advisers, Considerations when taking on employees or hiring contractors, Dealing with debt recovery, Key disputes in the sale of a company, Non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property. Links and references available at