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Silicon South

SiSo helps people and companies, working in the creative digital industries, to expand knowledge, build confidence and develop their potential.

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Do you have an open vacancy? Do you want to fill it with talented staff? Do you want to attract local applications and attract new talent to the area? Why not advertise your positions on our job board! SiSo supporters can add an unlimited number of jobs to the jobs board.

Adding jobs is simple and free for every supporter. Of course – yes – there is a cost to become a supporter! But just so it’s clear, those fees will be directly invested into supporting the Network’s wider outreach and engagement work and drumming up more interest for your job vacancies.

This outreach work allows us to promote our Supporter companies to the universities, schools, colleges as well as further afield to those ‘boomerangers’ (from London especially) looking for a better quality of work/life balance – which we can offer in the Silicon South region.

This helps to build recognition for the breadth of talented business and fulfilling jobs which you are offering… all of which helps the Network tempt people to make that move to a new life in the region, or convince new recruits there are wonderful careers to be found right on their doorstep. As the network grows, we’ll be able to push your vacancies further and wider and build interest in new markets.

Which is a long way of explaining… Connect with local job hunters and give yourself the best chance of finding the right person by adding your jobs to the website.