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JD Become Shopify Experts

8 Mar 2021 | Industry News

JD, a leading ecommerce digital agency based in Bournemouth, UK have received the awesome news that they are now Shopify Experts!

The JD Announcement:

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably come to realise that we talk about Shopify. A lot. It’s like we’ve fallen in love.

Having worked in web development and eCommerce for nearly 20 years now, I’ve worked with a plenty of platforms that promise the earth to agencies and business owners, and they’ve always fallen short in one way or another.

Shopify is genuinely the only platform I can think of that has absolutely nailed it on all counts.

The platform itself is brilliant in both its simplicity that can get a retired couple selling jam from their garage in just one hour, and its flexibility and extensibility that can meet the needs of big players like Gym Shark and Heinz.

And for Partners like us, I have genuinely never worked with a platform that cares so much. The whole ecosystem is just incredible. Despite Shopify being a multi billion dollar company, somehow the partner community feels like… a community. We’re all friends gunning for each other and we all have the common goal of doing the best we possibly can for our merchants.


Follow the link here to read the full announcement!