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Speakers and Attendees

As well as hearing about the successes of our panel in how they’ve adopted new technologies, their mission is to help you make the same improvements (and hopefully similar outcomes!) Our speakers come from a wide array of backgrounds, meaning we can be confident in saying no matter what your industry/business, there will be someone with the right expertise to support you overcome any adopting challenges.

See our full list of expert speakers below.

Industry Experts

Melanie Vasseur

Digital Product Owner at Vitality, Mel has a digitally-focussed career successfully delivering programmes of change and transformation for high-end global brands.


Sarah Levett

Sarah is the Head of Marketing for IoT Solutions Group, with oversight of all the innovative work the team are doing. She is passionate about “tech for good”, using it to solve real issues in our communities – and previously managed use case trials for BCP Council Smart Place.

IoT Solutions

Nuno Almeida

The CEO of Nourish Care, Nuno is dedicated to his work and goal on ensuring health and social care systems remain sustainable, vibrant and strongly focussed and influenced by people receiving support.


Paul Tansey

Paul is the MD of Intergage – a digital marketing business.  They engineer marketing systems in order to manufacture sales opportunities for Engineering, Manufacturing, Software and Tech companies. As a Director (and former President) of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry he is also committed to promoting Dorset as the perfect place to live and do business.


Ross Thornley

Entrepreneur and ‘AQ’ Pioneer. Ross’s work is opening up new frontiers in HrTech and EdTech. Leveraging conversational AI and predictive analytics his company’s platform enables people, teams and organisations to successfully navigate accelerating change. His ability to contextualise diverse and complex subjects, inspire and engage audiences makes him a highly sought after speaker.


Jelte Liebrand

From leaving his position at Google as a Software Engineer, Jelte decided to follow his true life’s passion of being out on the water and creating a navigation application, Savvy Navvy, to help others in the community to make sailing navigation easier, faster and safer for all. In his words, “it’s like Google Maps, for boats”.

Savvy Navvy

Anthony Story

Anthony is an innovation strategist who helps organisations prepare for growth, plan innovation strategies, engage customers and attract investment. If you ask him, he might tell you about that time he was in a Portuguese film…

Silicon South

Ryan England

Founder of Many, Ryan has worked with amazing retails brands to build incredible digital experiences. When we approached Ryan to give a summary of his skills, his response was “strategist and planner by day; web developer and Laravel evangelist by night.”


Dan Smith

Daniel formed Fireworx in 2007, following his tenure in the formation and growth of Clockworx from 1996-2006. Working with entrepreneurial clients using ‘disruptive thinking’ to help gain better market share and grow their business faster. Through deploying marketing strategy, high-impact creative and digital transformation.


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