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Laceys Solicitors are an award-winning law firm based in Bournemouth with a young, dynamic corporate and commercial team who have a proven reputation for helping start-ups and SME’s. Having previously been involved in the 10th Degree and the Accelerator programmes run by Silicon South, the team would like to offer a free 30 minute chat to those involved in Silicon South at our offices at 5 Poole Road.

If you’re unsure of how we can help, it can be anything relating to your business such as:

  • How do I set up a business?
  • Can you draft my T&C’s and privacy policy?
  • Can I get a shareholders agreement to give some shares for equity in my company?

They have specialists who can advise on forming a company, investment in your company, B2B and B2C contracts for your company, protecting your brand with I.P and employment and consultancy agreements.

How to access the offer?

Quote Promo Code: SISOLACEYS


Email: [email protected]