Maintaining & Improving Employee Performance & Wellbeing.

Maintaining & Improving Employee Performance & Wellbeing.

This event looks at:

  • How to maintain and improve employee wellbeing and productivity through challenging conditions?
  • How can a sustainability agenda improve staff engagement?

This is a hybrid event – Attendance is also achievable remotely via Zoom.

The event adopts a ‘Question Time’ format featuring four experts in their fields. The host will talk through the following topics with the lead expert; to uncover a list of practical insights and steps, introducing real-world examples and use cases, which can be applied to your own business. We encourage questions from the audience (live and virtual) to make sure the experts respond to the pressing issues you want answers to right now.

Opening: Welcome and overview – with a short concentration exercise – giving one example of a simple, effective tool to help staff at all levels manage stress before big moments.

The employee mindset: Where are staff at right now? After a challenging two years, how are they coping? What are the less obvious issues they contend with? As more work goes digital, what do people think about their jobs and roles? What is their perspective on the workplace?

Knowing where your staff are at: Do you know how your staff are feeling? Are they putting on a brave face? Discover some of the actions companies are taking right now to gain insight into their staff’s real position. How to discover who is thriving and who is burning out.

Keeping people engaged with the company, through a sustainability agenda: Lockdown has opened our eyes to what’s important. Meanwhile, it appears increasingly hard to maintain loyalty. We look at how to embrace an issue – like sustainability – to raise engagement with company values and help people feel there’s more to their job than just a payslip.

Keeping staff motivated: Everyone can take a few simple actions to keep motivated and improve focus. We look at a couple of techniques that anyone can do to improve their mental wellbeing.

Q&A: Questions are invited throughout the session, but with dedicated time set aside so the audience can ask how the issues raised apply to their own circumstances.

One-to-Ones: All participants are invited to book a one-to-one session with any of the experts to get more details about the relevancy of these issues for their own business and find out how they can move forward with them if so.

This event is financially supported by BCP Council.

Meet the Speakers

Carolyn Freeman is a CyberPsychologist who specialises in the psychology of technology use in the workplace. After 15 years of corporate marketing brand and communication, Carolyn retrained as a psychologist before completing a Masters in CyberPsychology. Her researched focussed on the use of work and personal technology by working parents during their private time in Lockdown 1.0 (spring and early summer 2020).

She now manages Cybercology, using her CyberPsychology skills to develop and curate content from industry leaders and academics on how (as adults) technology is changing the way we work (and play) – both now and in the future. She also works with a virtual reality company developing and delivering leadership soft skills training in VR.

Nigel Winship is co-founder and Managing Director at People Matter and a serial technology entrepreneur, having built and sold three companies over the past 20 years.  Nigel has a lifelong fascination with the potential for technology to act as a force of good.  He is a judge for Tech Nation’s prestigious Applied AI programme.

People Matter is an award-winning builder of workplace mental health software. The ethical data platform Okina, connects the data to workplace wellbeing – helping to protect individuals from burnout and helping companies build positive workplace cultures.

Tracey Howes is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor and RAID free diver based on the south coast of England. Tracey’s specialised freediving training inspired her to expand her knowledge of functional breathing to improve general health and wellbeing.

By incorporating scientifically proven breathwork techniques into daily practice and training programmes, Tracey’s clients have transformed their breathing habits to build confidence, improve focus, concentration and sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stress, train for marathons and prepare to swim The English Channel.
Clients include recreational athletes, corporate leaders and teams, independent business owners and teens, amongst others.

Nick Whitnell is a sustainability strategist who believes business can and should be used as a force for good. Nick helps to navigate the intersections of brand purpose, business strategy and citizen insight to drive powerful outcomes that balance people, planet and profit.

As a trained B Leader, Nick uses the B Corp framework to drive sustainable, joined-up thinking that looks at businesses as complex interconnected systems. By helping people question how things are being done, Nick drives powerful cultural shifts that create impact, engagement and energy that achieve more with less.

This is a hybrid event – Attendance is also achievable remotely via Zoom.

Event Details

Event Date 16th February 2022
Location Barclays Eagle Lab Bournemouth, Poole Road, Branksome, Poole, UK
Time 12:30 - 14:00
Organiser Silicon South
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