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The Agenda

We understand that in business, time is money, so you’ll want to understand exactly what value you’ll be getting by attending Innovation Driving Growth Event, which is why we are sharing with you our full event agenda.

This event will be run differently to a normal “workshop”, as we remain cautious and safe to the demands of Covid-19 with remote tickets available, but also open the doors for those who are seeking a more human-interaction as our event will be brought to you from Centre VR in Bournemouth with in-person tickets also on sale.

On the day itself, Thursday 7th October, we’re excited to bring you an event which encourages interactivity at every stage. No more long presentations, or sales pitches, we’ll introduce open Q & As so you can get bespoke insights into how you can adopt these new technologies into your business straight away.

Below is a top-level overview of the event, with more details following on from the table:

8.30am – 9.00amCoffee and arrival 
9.00am – 9.10amWelcome and overview 
9.10am – 9.25amGlimpse the future – Ross Thorney 
9.25am – 10.25amWhy connect devices and machinery to the internet 
10.25am – 10.35amTraining virtually to open access and reduce costs 
10.35am – 10.55amCoffee Break 
10.55am – 11.55amThere is so much data now – how do you exploit it? 
11.55am – 12.30pmGetting answers, outcomes and actions instantly 
12.30pm – 13.00pmGreat ideas – but how do you implement them? 
13.00pm – 14.00pmLunch 


9.10am – 9.25am – Glimpse the Future

The relentless advancement of technology is shaping a broader picture of how work will be conducted in the fairly near future. This will influence the thinking, expectations and ultimately the demands of customers and primes.  

Ross will explain how what might just appear as opportunities for early adopters right now will, in fact, become the basic requirements of tomorrow (like the internet became an essential of business life) to provide clear context for the event’s discussions. 

Presented by Ross Thornley

9.25am – 10.25am – Why connect devices and machinery to the internet?

Weather, messaging, shopping… We take the information on our smart phones for granted. How can we draw down information from less-intelligent devices – in production, customer interactions and operations – to prove as useful. We’ll look at how the proliferation of sensors is reducing system failures, improving just in time production, enabling new product development and vastly improving efficiency. 

Host:  Anthony Story – Silicon South 
Panellists:   Sarah Levett – IoT Solutions;
David Ffoulkes-Jones – Daizy
Simon Boyd – Reid Steel

10.25am – 10.35am – Training virtually to open access and reduce cost

Virtual Reality is increasingly deployed to give sensory learning and training experiences. It’s easily accessible, repeatable and can offer experiences that are hard to replicate. From insurance claims agents experiencing the panic of a flood, to deep-sea divers practicing on dry-land, to Surgeons operating on virtual bodies, 

Colin Parnell founder of the Centre VR, will offer a glimpse of the opportunities now available, and there will be chances to try out some experiences in the Centre during the break and lunch. 

10.55am – 11.55am – There is so much data now – how do you exploit it?

Every digital interaction done by any person or machine anywhere in the world generates data. We are flooded with it. This session will explore dozens of different ideas of how data is being captured and exploited to win new customers, improve productivity, create and launch new products and improve staff performance & wellbeing. 

Host:  Dan Smith – Fireworx

Panellists:  Jelte Liebrand – Savvy Navvy 
Paul Tansey – Intergage 
Mel Vasseur – Vitality

11.55am – 12.30pm – Getting answers, outcomes and actions instantly

A solution like google maps removes all the time it used to take a person to read, digest and plot a route. That same type of processing and thinking can be applied across business activity to reduce all sorts of mundane actions – and free up staff to focus on more profitable tasks. E.g. Lawyers are using it to review contracts. 

This type of software (machine learning) can also produce insights that would otherwise take months to reveal – vastly improving performance or developing new products. So, not just for decoding DNA – but automatically triggering production actions or recommending better treatment plan for patients, for instance 

Host: Nuno Almeida – Nourish
Panellists: Ryan England – Many
Joe Allnut – Spyrosoft

12.30pm – 13.00pm – Great ideas – but how do you implement them?

Talking about new ideas can make them sound enticing and simple. But there are always issues to consider. This will highlight some of them, reveal some of the challenges, and put perspective on the opportunities. We’ll provide some practical next steps about how you can consider the ideas which appeal most for your own business circumstances, and who to talk to develop your own strategy. 

Host:   Ross Thornley
Panellists: Simon Boyd – Reid Steel
Joe Allnut – Spyrosoft