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1 Jun 2021
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Entrepreneurship as the pursuit of freedom with Paul Tansey

11 May 2021 | Podcast

Having spent over 18 years building a team of self-professed “marketing nerds”, Paul Tansey is a man with a firm grasp on digital marketing in a rapidly evolving market. His story is one of highs and lows, with lessons for us all on finding a work-life balance that allows us to chase a dream.
In this episode we learn how Paul, MD at Intergage, adapted to the rise of open source software, how he discovered the value that his team places on flexible working, and the pursuit of freedom that forms the foundation of any entrepreneur’s journey.
This episode of 10th Degree covers:

The early years of selling software as a service
Learning the importance of self-care
The game-changing threat of open source software
Handling a difference of opinion in business leadership
Fulfilling staff’s dreams in order to fulfil your own
Flexible working and the next generation
Finding the biggest lessons in your mistakes