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Silicon South

SiSo helps people and companies, working in the creative digital industries, to expand knowledge, build confidence and develop their potential.

Post a Contract

‘Post a Contract’ has been set up both for people who need a Digital, Creative and Tech (DCT) service, as well as DCT companies themselves who are looking for collaborators, partners or suppliers.


For Customers

Not everyone has got the time or knowledge to search for and find the right DCT business to deliver what you need. So, if you want a business to deliver a new project, why not advertise it to local experts so they can find it for themselves?

You can post contract opportunities (as frequently as you need) and it’s free. Anyone can do it – whether you’re a supporter or not – but only the Network’s Supporters are able view the contracts directly.

You can choose if you want responses from companies or consultants. Alternatively, you can ask for specialists to speak or present at an industry event, or can discuss innovations with you to better understand how new developments might be able to improve your business processes.


For DCT Companies

As well as the options above, companies working in the DCT sector can search for other companies that can provide white label services (i.e. which work anonymously on your behalf). This is helpful if you don’t want your clients to know you work with external suppliers.

Equally valid, of course, is finding partners who are keen to work together with you, especially if you deliver a specific niche. You can put out a search for other companies, perhaps who specialise themselves and can complement your expertise. This allows you to build bigger, stronger partnerships, which can provide the scale to collaborate and pitch for larger contracts.


Notifying Companies

In all cases, once your contract request goes live, we’ll notify the Supporters who match the skills and experience you need, to make sure they see your request for proposal, so they can submit proposals to you directly

Contract opportunities can be uploaded through your dashboard – so please Login or register first.